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The Curable Towel and Believe .... It's Curable Merchandise


The Curable Towel TM and It’s Curable TM merchandise is a dream come true for our founders.  After seeing one of our loved ones go through the courageous struggle that goes along with beating cancer, we decided to become part of the solution. We are very proud of the fact that portions of all sales from this website go directly to cancer research.  We also look forward to spreading awareness and our core belief that every cause deserves a cure!  Thank you for visiting the believe foundation,  and please continue to help spread the word that regardless of the type cancer or cause, we Believe that It’s Curable!




The Curable Towel TM  is a simple yet powerful product.  It is unique in that it can bring large crowds of people together waving, screaming and cheering.  There is no other product like it.  It can also be a tremendous way to raise money for your cause or charity.  Sell them at games, races, walks, bowling events, golf events or any other place you want to create an electric atmosphere.  The Curable Towel TM can be made in any color with any color ribbon on it to show support and bring awareness to a specific cause.  We are proud of the fact that our non profit organization donates a portion of every towel sold to cancer research.




The Curable Towel is proud of the fact that a portion of every towel purchased goes directly to support cancer research.  Whether the towels are purchased individually or in large numbers by sponsors, the same amount is given to support the cause that the towel represents.  We believe that every cause deserves a cure and we are working hard to raise much needed funds to help find a cure for all types of cancer.  If you believe in our mission and would like to contribute please consider sponsoring our towels or advertising on our website.  See our Hall of Fame page for proud sponsors of our towel.  The Curable Towel team welcomes new sponsors that see the benefit of helping us share the messages of our towels.  If you want your company’s name or logo on a Curable Towel please contact us.


We are very proud to thank Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for being the sole sponsor for The Curable Towel® on October 10th for the Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Monday Night Football game. Along with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan we would also like to thank the Detroit Lions for believing in our mission!!



Sponsored by Monday Night Football and the Detroit Lions.


Be sure to purchase our The Curable Towel.