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Awareness Event How To Run An Event

In today’s times Awareness events or games are quickly becoming very popular.  They serve as a tremendous public service and are a great way to let large groups of people know about a needy cause in their own community.  Imagine your local stadium filled with colored towels being waved during a game in support of your cause.  Here are some ways to run an awareness game or event with the Curable Towel and It’s Curable merchandise!


• Use your towels as the ticket into your game, event, or race. This will create guaranteed sales to raise money for your cause, plus ensure that everyone at your event has a towel to wave to make the event an exciting one!  They can be sold at the gate or in advance.


• Use the towels as an entry prize or give away and ask for donations to your cause as they are received.  Again everyone will    have  one to wave to create a memorable event, and money can be easily raised.


• At races and walks, include the towels in the  registration fee so that each participant receives one, then sell them at the finish line and along the way to family and friends to wave as their loved ones pass by.  Again, a memorable event and more money raised for your cause.


• Sell at your game with a minimum donation, so that people who want to give more can.  This again ensures most of the crowd will join in waving and creating a fun event.


• Create a parade type atmosphere at school walks, sports leagues and fundraisers by having kids sell towels to family and friends to raise money for a cause.  Kids love them and will be very excited to see people waving them as they walk by.


• Include the Curable Golf Towel in your registration for golf outings or use as a giveaway prize to all participants in your outing.  Easy, memorable and will bring ongoing attention as they are used.


• The Curable Towel and “It’s Curable” products are a perfect partner for these kinds of events.  They can be used in many different ways to make your event fun exciting and memorable.  It’s Curable merchandise can be used in the same ways as The Curable Towel at all of your events.  You will create a sea of fans and supporters wearing pink, blue, yellow or whatever cause and color you are fighting for.  What a great way to show your support.  Check out the merchandise here at!


• Raise even more money for your cause by seeking sponsors.  In every community there are businesses that love to be involved in great events like this.  It is our pleasure to work with sponsors and allow them to add their information to our products to show their support.  Extremely generous sponsors can be added to the towel, others can be included and thanked in the program of your event.  The amount of money raised through sponsorships can cover the price of the towels, and the excess can be added to your donation to your cause.  To become a sponsor see the become a sponsor link on our website.


Thank you for considering using Curable products.  We truly look forward to working with you and helping you raise awareness all over the world.

Best Wishes and Believe ... It's Curable